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Do you want to invest in a walk-in cooler that’s going to last a year or two? Probably not! With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Worldwide Refrigeration manufactures quality products that last a lifetime.

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The Quality Of Our Products

The difference between a refrigeration solution that will last more than a year and one that doesn’t is in the quality of the materials that make up the finished product. We use polystyrene for our insulation; unlike polyurethane, it doesn’t lose its structure over time, maintaining a proper barrier between your freezer and the outside, basically keeping the energy usage low. The use of galvanized steel offers lasting structural integrity of the box. We use the same high-grade glue, screws, and joints used in airplanes to piece it all together.

walk in cooler energy costs

What are the numbers

When getting a new walk-in cooler, apart from its lifecycle, the main thing to consider is the monthly operating costs.  Our coolers are 7X more efficient after 3 years than the polyurethane coolers. 

The saving in electricity costs translates to $18,734 every 5 years.

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Our Manufacturing Process

Panel Construction

Worldwide Refrigeration Industries, Inc. is in the unique position of being able to offer you a variety of panel construction options for your walk-in freezer or walk-in cooler. In all cases, the metal panel facings are laminated under pressure to rigid insulation with an elastic adhesive. This ensures a strong and permanent bond while allowing for expansion and contraction with variations in internal and external temperatures. When compared to a “foam-in-place” type of construction, this manufacturing process allows us to offer the most flexibility in panel sizes and insulation types, and thicknesses; assuring you of the most cost-effective solution for each of your walk-in freezers and walk-in coolers. It also eliminates the possibility of areas in your panels being “void” of insulation which may occur in a “foam-in-place” panel. Worldwide’s panel warranty is evidence of our confidence in the strength and durability of the construction of our panels. Your satisfaction will be a testament to the flexibility that we offer.

Panels with Cam-Action Fasteners

Panels manufactured using cam-action fasteners provide for a fast and easy installation with provisions for future expansion or relocation of your refrigerated room. These panels are available in a maximum width of 47”, with insulation thicknesses of 3”, 4”, or 6”, and a maximum length of 22 feet. Through the locking action of the fastener, the panels are drawn firmly together forming a positive, airtight seal. These fasteners are made with a tongue and groove construction, which aids in the easy and accurate alignment of the panels during installation.

In order to complete the airtight seal between panels, there are two options available. Worldwide Refrigeration offers a factory-applied NSF gasket, which makes your installation quick and easy. As the panels are drawn together using the cam-action fastener the gasket is compressed assuring the seams are sealed. As an alternative, at the time of installation caulking can be applied on the insulation between the panels with a finishing bead of silicone on the seams after the room is assembled. The caulking and silicone are supplied by Worldwide Refrigeration with your walk-in to assure that the products you are using are of the best quality and suited for a refrigerated application.

Worldwide Refrigeration offers walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers that have been certified by NSF and meet their strict regulations as required in NSF/ANSI standard #7 for food equipment. In addition, our insulated freezer doors have been certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories (U.L.).

“Snap & Seal Panels”

Using a patented locking system (patent #6,122,879) developed by Worldwide Refrigeration Industries, Inc. for walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers, we can offer a cost-effective alternative to the standard insulated panels using cam-locks. These panels are available in a maximum width of 45 5/8”, with insulation of any thickness and a maximum length of 22 feet. To allow for easy and accurate alignment, these panels are made with a tongue and groove construction. Along the edge of each panel, the metal is designed to lock the panels securely in place simply by pressing the edges of two panels together allowing the metal edge to compress and then snap back. During the installation, caulking and silicone (supplied by Worldwide Refrigeration) are applied in the seams to provide an airtight seal.

These “Snap & Seal” panels are unique in their design because they were developed specifically to meet the needs of refrigeration applications. They are easy to install, snap securely together providing a truly airtight seal, and may be taken down and re-installed without causing damage to the panels.

Materials Offered for Walk-in Freezers and Coolers

METALS: The most commonly offered panel facings are of:

26 gauge (G90) stucco embossed acrylume (clear acrylic coating)
26 gauge (G90) stucco embossed galvanized steel (U.S.D.A. white painted surface)
.019 stucco embossed aluminum (unpainted surface)
.019 stucco embossed aluminum (white painted surface)
Stainless steel (No. 304)
Other metal options are available, if desired, on special order.

Insulation for Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

Insulation types are offered in various thicknesses:

1. Class 1 expanded polystyrene 1.0 lb per cu. ft. density (4” thickness)
Providing: R factor of 16.5 for 4” thickness
R factor of 24.75 for 6” thickness
UL Classified: Flame spread 15
Smoke developed 80-160