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With 50 years of experience in the cooling industry, Worldwide Refrigeration offers expert manufacturing services for all cooling solutions.

“To this day, we still focus on the same things we focused on 50 years ago. It’s the attention to detail in the quality of our products. There is a big difference in the results of a box made with cheap materials by automated machines; sure, the process is fast, and the cost is lower, but in the long run, those boxes don’t last. I would hate for one of our clients to come to me and say, ‘hey Mario, this box is falling apart,’ and that’s why we do things the right way.”

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We Innovate And Bring New Possibilities To The Industry Every Day

You may think there isn’t a lot of innovation happening in the walk-in industry, but our research and development prove otherwise. Our team is working around the clock on solutions to improve cooling systems, resulting in lower electricity and maintenance costs. We are also working on ways to make our boxes easier to assemble and run for our end consumers, and you can enjoy these advantages in every cooler we build.