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The value of tobacco products is directly related to their freshness. Maintaining the proper temperature and relative humidity within the storage room are critical factors to uphold the quality of tobacco when placed in long-term storage. Worldwide Refrigeration Industries can propose the proper refrigeration systems based on the amount of tobacco to be stored and design a walk-in cooler to make the best possible use of the space you have available.

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Ideal Conditions for Cigars

Fluctuations in either humidity or temperature can adversely affect your cigars’ ability to burn correctly and taste good. Ideally, 70% humidity and 70 degrees are optimal for cigar storage, but a general range between 65-72% humidity and 65-72 degrees is considered acceptable.

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You don’t want to risk the quality of your cigars. A custom solution is fundamental in keeping your cigar room pristine and maintaining the standards of the cigars you hold. Working with us means that we’ll meet all your specifications and requirements. You’ll have a reliable cooled room that will withstand the test of time, and your cigars’ condition will reflect that.

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