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Tanner Walk In Cooler Doors

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Bi-Part Sliding Insulated Doors

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Replacement Swing Insulated Doors on Frame

Our replacement swing insulated doors are pre-hung on a front frame and can be manufactured to accommodate the size of an already existing opening. Back frames are also offered for some installations. View windows and diamond plate aluminum kick plates are available as an option in a variety of sizes.

Glass Display

A variety of sizes, styles, and finishes in glass display doors and windows is offered to meet your requirements and tastes in design and functionality.

Bi-Part Sliding Insulated Doors

Heavy-duty track system designed for durability and ease of use. Each track uses ball-bearing trolleys, which reduce friction; this allows the doors to slide easily, thus causing less wear. 

When deciding between a single leaf sliding insulated door and a bi-part sliding insulated door, the primary consideration is the wall space available on each side of the opening. With a single leaf sliding insulated door, there must be enough wall space in the walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer to allow the door to slide completely open in the direction desired (left or right of the opening). If the wall space is not available, then a bi-part sliding insulated door may be the correct choice. Enough wall space must be available in the walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer to allow each door leaf to slide completely open.

For freezer applications, the door is equipped with a heater to control condensation, which may be caused when the door is opened into ambient temperatures. Options of diamond plate aluminum kick plates or viewport windows may be added to any door.

Heavy Duty Overlap Door

This overlap door is designed specifically for applications that require extremely low temperatures, such as -20° F. With the heavy-duty hinges and two additional edge mount latches, this door provides the best possible seal to guard against costly air leaks.

Sliding Insulated Doors

The track system on our manual sliding insulated doors uses ball-bearing trolleys. These trolleys reduce friction, which often causes a large sliding door to be difficult to operate. Embedded swing insulated doors view windows, and diamond plate aluminum kick plates are available as options.

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