Storage Warehouses:

When investing in a storage warehouse facility, it is important to remember the most costly part of your investment is most often the product which you are storing. Depending on the type of product, it's tolerance to temperature changes within the storage room will vary. But in all cases, a loss of temperature caused by equipment failure can be a very costly problem. Through the proper design of redundant refrigeration systems, you can protect your investment. Talk to us at Worldwide Refrigeration and see how cost effectively you can assure the quality of your products in long term storage.

When designing any large walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer, it is important that optional construction techniques are understood before you make a final decision on how you will proceed with your project. For example, our experienced personnel can review options available to insulate large floor areas and the advantages of each for your particular location and operation.

Equally important is the selection of the proper type, size and location of insulated doors to add to the efficiency of your overall operation.