Plate Freezer:

Although the initial investment for a plate freezer is generally higher than for a blast freezer, a plate freezer does provide much greater protection against dehydration of a product during the freezing process. This occurs because a plate freezer is able to freeze the product faster and does so through the contact of the plates against the product rather than the flow of air over the product. A plate freezer is made up of two main parts: the freezing unit and the insulated cabinet. Packages of product are placed on metal trays which are then set on the open plates inside the unit. When the plates are lowered hydraulically a continuous pressure is applied to assure complete surface contact and to keep the packages flat and square.

The walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers at Worldwide Refrigeration Industries, Inc. are designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements. We offer various options in metal, insulation, panel construction and door styles so that you always get exactly what your application requires; eliminating the need to adjust your level of expectation or your budget to meet the restrictions of a particular product line. After reviewing all of the requirements for your walk in cooler or walk in freezer and the details of the operation which your walk-in will be accommodating, our experienced sales staff will provide you with the proper recommendations on room sizes and construction, refrigeration equipment required, door options, pallet racking systems (if applicable), accessories, etc.