Self Contained Refrigeration Systems:

Worldwide Refrigeration Industries, Inc. offers a variety of refrigeration equipment for walk in freezers and walk in coolers from various manufactures, such as: Bohn, Copeland, Krack, Dole and others. Our sales staff carefully selects the refrigeration equipment which best meets the requirements of your walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer.

We also offer a series of "self-contained" refrigeration systems. With these systems the condensing unit and evaporator are combined in a single unit. The evaporator portion sits flush with the ceiling of the walk-in allowing for maximum use of the refrigerated space. The systems are fully assembled, charged with refrigerant and completely tested by the manufacturer. Many models come complete with a 26” power cord and 3-prong plug. All systems come with a condensate evaporation pan which eliminates the need for a drain line. An opening is made in a ceiling panel of your walk-in before it is shipped to easily accommodate the system. So upon arriving at the installation site, the system is simply dropped into the prepared opening. This allows for a very fast start up time. These units are shipped as part of a walk-in or may be shipped separately to incorporate into insulated rooms being built at the installation site with alternative construction methods. In either case, the installation is made fast and easy.

To Accompany Our Extensive Line Of Walk-Ins:

• Worldwide Refrigeration Industries, Inc. represents a variety of refrigeration equipment manufacturers,
such as: Bohn, Copeland, Kramer, Turbo Air and others.
• "Self-contained" refrigeration systems
• Plastic Strip Curtains
• Shelving
• Pallet Racks
• Dock Seals
• And more