These Questions will Help Us to Better Serve You:

Thank you very much for visiting our web site. Please find below a list of questions which we typically ask when a customer calls us looking for a quotation on a walk-in freezer or a walk-in cooler.
With the answers we are able to assure that the walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer that we are proposing will truly meet the requirements of your operation. By listing these questions here, we hope that you will find them useful in describing to us what your individual needs whether on the telephone or through the contact form.

1. Do you require a walk in freezer, walk in cooler or
• •a freezer/cooler combination?

2. What size room are you interested in? (L x W x H)

3. Do you want a prefabricated panel floor?

4. What type of product will you be keeping
• •in the room?

5. What room temperature do you want to keep?

6. At what temperature is the product when it is placed in the room?
a) If the product enters at a temperature higher than the ultimate storage temperature that you wish to keep,
• •then we will need to know how many pounds of product will be put in the room at one time and how
• •long a time is acceptable for it to reach its storage temperature.

7. Is the walk-in freezer or walk-in cooler to be installed inside a building or outside?

8. Will the condensing units be installed outside or inside?

9. What kind of doors will you require?
a) How are you carrying the product into the room? (by hand, pallet jack, carts, or fork lift)
b) Do you wish to have glass doors for a display area?