Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does it take to receive a quote?
• • Usually in less than 24 hours.

2. Will you email a quote?
• • Yes, you can go to our web page contact form and fill out a quote request. It will immediately be sent to
• • our sales team and the quote will soon follow.

3. How do I contact a person to discuss requirements?
• • Simply call 305.882.1002 for a Worldwide Refrigeration customer service representative.
• • No automated phone system, you’ll always speak with a real person.

4. Do you build custom sizes?
• • Absolutely, Worldwide Refrigeration has a custom manufacturing plant and resources to provide
• • our customers with products at the highest level of quality in the Walk In Cooler and Walk In Freezer industry.

5. What is NSF and UL and is it important?
• • NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation and is the premiere foodservice design and equipment
• • approval agency by the local building and heath departments. In many states and counties if it
• • does not have the NSF seal it is not allowed for public use. UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories
• • and is known in the foodservice and building industries as a testing laboratory of products and materials.

6. How do I calculate the size of unit needed for my application?
• • You can call Worldwide Refrigeration and we will help you size your unit. Whether it’s for a
• • BTU estimate or actual sizing of the unit we’ll gladly assist you.

7. How do you assemble the panels?
a) Panels can be manufactured using cam-action fasteners to provide for a fast and easy installation
• • with provisions for future expansion or relocation of your refrigerated room.
b) Also a patented locking system (patent #6,122,879) developed by Worldwide Refrigeration Industries, Inc.
• • we can offer a highly cost-effective alternative to the standard insulated panels using cam-locks.

8. Do you retain drawings of my walk in on file for future reference?
• •All Worldwide Refrigeration Walk In Cooler and Walk in Freezer schematics are kept on file.

9. What is the warranty on a Walkin Freezer or a Walkin Cooler?
• •You can view our warranty here.