Blast Freezer:

During the process of freezing, most products will lose a percentage of their original moisture content. The faster a product can be frozen, the more you can minimize the dehydration that takes place. Reducing the amount of moisture lost not only helps to maintain the original freshness of a product but also lessens the weight loss which occurs during freezing. When products are sold by the pound this has a direct impact on your profit margins. In a blast freezer, as illustrated above the type and volume of product to be frozen is the key to determining the proper equipment necessary to freeze the product quickly.

Equally important is the positioning of the evaporators and plenum within the room to maximize air movement over the product. At very low temperatures required in a blast freezer, heat infiltration must be kept at a low level in order to minimize ice build up. Therefore, Worldwide Refrigeration has developed a heavy duty overlapped door to provide the tightest possible seal. All of these considerations combined with a variety of options provide the most cost effective solution possible for your blast freezing applications.